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V8 diff leak: HELP

     The smoking hot-exhaust in my V8 got bad enough that I took it to get 
     fixed.  (This is not a job for the likes of me.)  It's the right front 
     differential leaking.  It has a bad seal (which may be caused by 
     something else bad inside -- who knows?)  My regular mechanic wouldn't 
     fix it because you need special automatic transmission tools.  He 
     referred me to an automatic transmission shop that wouldn't fix it 
     because of the exhaust and AWD driveshafts that have to be removed to 
     access the transmission and differential.  They recommended taking it 
     to the dealer.  (GULP!)  My impression from the list is that the 
     dealer will only replace entire subsytems on this car, not repair 
     them, and my rear end is tightening up just thinking about the cost.
     Does anyone have any recommendations on a shop (including a decent 
     dealer service department) that will do this kind of work on a V8 in 
     the area around Boston?  I'm in Waltham.
     Silver lining: I've now taken it to two places and the repair costs 
     are still zero.
     Jack Rich
     90 V8Q
     88 Corvette convertible
     84 4kq