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bad dog! idling high AGAIN!

Hey gang!

Well, my car used to idle real high, but I fixed up the idle control
switch on the TB (which wasn't working), and the idles seemed to come
down and everything seemed to be working ok.

Then, recently I started noticing the revs start to stick at stoplights,
and now the car is back to idling all wacky again!  Idled at 2k all
morning!  Anyways, the idle switch is working (it's clicking anyways,
which means it's working, right?).  So, what else could it be?  Where
should I look next?

Alright why are the Audi gods pissing on me.   It is constant nagging
crap like this that makes me want to sell my car ASAP!  I am threw with

Let's go threw what I've done on this prob:

Pulled off ISV, cleaned out
replaced warn out vaccuum hoses (vaccuum system really good)
fixed idle control swtch and bolted back on (clicking).

What next????
What is this decel valve everyone keeps talking about?  Is that what's
bad in my car????