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Just feeling the breath of the Audi Gods...

After a great drive from Burlington, VT to Boston, MA this week-end, I love 
my '89 90Q even more.  There are, ofcourse, a couple of things that came up 
during the drive (which averaged a fairly smooth 85-90 mph thanks to other 
folks doing bear-thumping infront of me).

First, when I start driving the Q, it does a quick nose-dive with loss of 
power.  After a second, it regains its composure and doesn't bother me at 
all for the rest of the drive.

Second, the engine temp guage is working very intermittantly.  In fact, for 
most of the drive, it lay dead.  Hopefully, this is just the sensor, but I 
figured I'd ask.

Now, the most painful question...  My baby had a bit of a run in with the 
side of a garage.  After walking very quietly away from the driver and 
counting to 100, I noticed the damage wasn't extensive.  The left front 
fender is pinged a bit, but with no hard edges around the damage.  Also, 
and this is the worst part, IMHO, there is some latex paint scrapped onto 
the fender.  Does anyone have a hint for how to A) pull out the ping, since 
I can't see an easy way to get to the inside of it from the wheel well or 
the engine compartment, and B) remove the paint.



'89 90 Q - Cosmetically challenged, but more than a match for the firebird 
and trans-am I blew by Sunday

 Charles S. D. Bryant
 802.865.9974 (Fax)