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S4 for Sale in Toronto

So what does $19,900 CDN convert to US$?

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 05:31:04 -0400
From: "Mike Hopton" <mike@genesis-microchip.on.ca>
Subject: S4 for Sale in Toronto

     I checked out the S4 for sale at Fine Cars in Toronto. IMHO someone is 
     going to get a very nice car for $19,900 CDN. Oh by the way i asked 
     the sales guy "how much are you asking?" and he said "the car is  
     $19,900." I honestly don't think there will be much room to negotiate 
     A bit of background on Fine Cars, I had a friend who bought an M3 
     (supercharged)  from them a couple of years ago and when I asked they 
     said then they didn't sell Audi's. Back then they only sold Porsche, 
     Ferraris, Mercs and Bimmers. When I asked today they said they now 
     sold the occasional Audi (they also had a coupe quattro for sale). 
     The only things I could find, and this only after making a complement 
     on the quality of the car, was that the hood and top part of the front 
     bumper have been resprayed it was impossible to tell in the indoor 
     showroom it looked like a very good colour match. I'd still want to 
     check it in the day light (being pearl). John Toth the sales guy also 
     mentioned that when he drove it the brakes were binding a bit and this 
     would be fixed before the car was sold.
     Inside the car is spot less, nice carbon fibre trim too, no strut 
     brace. 4 almost new Bridestone Potenza tyres. I'd like to see this go 
     to a good home preferably a member of the list. If anyone is seriously 
     interested and wants me to check it out further give me a call.
     Hmmmm, really thinking about selling my '85 ur-q........ 
     Regards, Mike (905 470 2742 ext 244 Work)