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RE: Minnesota listers-help

     I'd just like to back up Rob Greene on his request for help in 
     contacting a lister in Minnestota. Rob, myself and at least two other 
     listers are due parts or a refund from Michael Wachholz. At this stage 
     I'm out of pocket $850 US..... Waiting since March for: oil pan, 
     distributor, front carpet, big valve head and Abt cam.
     In the past I've bought parts from at least 6 other members of this 
     list and never had any problems. Dave Head even bought the parts and 
     shipped them to me prior to me getting a cheque out to him :) However 
     this incident will effect the way I do business with other list 
     members and I recommend people are careful when they do business with 
     list members who are not "known" posters.
     Regards, Mike