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Re: Buy A4 or wait for Synchro Release in the US?

At 03:31 PM 8/11/97 PDT, you wrote:
>Hey Mike,
>I have a few suggestions for you about your car purchase. I have 
>recently purchased a 1998 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8(30v). This is the best car 
>that I have ever owned. Comparing it to a Passat is what I'm not sure 
>about. It's true that there are based on the same platform, but there 
>are cosmetic and mechanical differences. I love how my A4 looks compared 
>to the Passat. It just seems to have more sport and luxury all together 
>in one package, but its not too heavy on the luxury so that I'm afraid 
>to drive it. It comes down to what your needs are. the Passat is cheaper 
>and bigger, but there is something about having the A4 that separates it 
>from a Passat.

I agree. VWs have become sort of an every day car, while (at least around
here) I have yet to see any Audi newer than the 80 /100 series driving
around! I am just concerned about having to drive to another city 1 hour
away for every little service, especially when Audi does not yet have a
loaner car program in place. Also, I'm assuming and hoping that the quality
of the body will be better on a German built car, rather than my current
(and presumably the new) VW built in Mexico. As far as looks though, I
think you might be surprised to see the new Passat if you haven't already
done so at http://www.passat.de 
Also, it seems like it won't be until October (maybe) or possibly later in
he 98 model year that the Synchro will appear in the U.S. (this is from all
indications I have gotten from VW USA and my local dealer.

>If you have any questions about the 1998 A4, i would be glad to give you 
>all of the specs.

Well, between the various websites and the dealer literature I'm pretty
much covered on raw data. What I would be very interested in is a) service
record (but since you just bought it yourself I guess you won't have much
about this we hope) and b) price. If you're willing to share, I'd be
GREATLY interested in what you ended up paying for yours (and what options
you got for that). I know the dealer invoice prices, but that still doesn't
make it much easier trying to figure out a fair price.

Thanks for your feedback!

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