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four-wheel weights of '87 4kq


At the Divisional Sunday:
5 gals gas (I filled afterwards to check)
Ronals with 205-55-14 R1s @80% tread
G41 battery
no floor mats
manual antenna
15 lb electric cooler on right rear seat (didn't want to unplug)
everything else installed and functioning (AC, PW, CC, etc)

Left Front 807 lbs   Right Front 841 lbs
Left Rear  524 lbs   Right Rear  577 lbs
Total 2749

same but with driver
Left Front 909 lbs   Right Front 863 lbs
Left Rear  608 lbs   Right Rear  605 lbs
Total 2985

Percent of driver's weight
Left Front 43   Right Front  9
Left Rear  36   Right Rear  12

'97 Snake River Region H-stock champion (ummm, class of 1, but I beat
~15 other cars--and they're all supposed to be faster than me)