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Brake light warning light

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 97 01:34:23 UT
From: "Stefan Bendevis" <Audiman1@msn.com>
Subject: Brake light warning on dash

>Fellow Audi fanatics,
>	I have a problem which I think many of you have gone through.  Ever since I 
>purchaces this car (87 5kcdq) the Auto-check system has been flashing the 
>"brake light not operating" light and all the brake lights work.  I have 
>ignored it al this time but now I'm wondering if there is a cure for this 
>problem.  If it is the rear bulb control unit, does anyone know what breaks 
>inside of it?  Could a missing seat belt warning relay be the culprit?  Mine 
>was missing since I bought the car.
>	Thanks,
>Audiman1@msn.com(Stefan Bendevis)
>1987 5000 CD Quattro 

First thing to check is that R & L brake lights are same wattage. Brake
light controller box senses difference in current between brake lights - one
out, no current draw, other normal, draw not balanced - SQUAWK! Or, one
higher wattage than other, same complaint.

Both bulbs good and drawing equal current, controller box is happy and quiet.

I'm starting to think these cars need psychoanalysts as well as mechanics!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman