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V8 180k report-track Qustion

Hi gang!

First off, thanks for the many favorable comments regarding my web page.

Secondly,  I was out in Chicago last week where Scott Justusson and I put on
the new Bilstein/Eibach setup for the V8q from Sportwheels in Colorado
Springs.  The car was (is) transformed!  Gone are the wavy motions, brake
dive and body movement associated with passing large trucks.  Cetainly much
firmer in ride, but not harsh.  Easily controllable on even the roughest
roads.  And does it corner!

So the next day we go to have the car hand-washed and the battery light comes
on....   Yep, the alternator really croked this time.  We were able to get a
Bosch factory reman with two year warranty (including towing) and I spent the
better part of the afternoon replacing it. Not a tough job, really, except
had to use the dremel tool and heat to cut the pully nut so that we could get
it off.  Gone was the problem of dimming headlights under strong
acceleration.  So there was my sacrifice to the Audi gods.  Well, there still
is that torn left outer cv boot to contend with.

I'll be running the car at Waterford Hills next month and was wondering what
other listers experiences are with the SP8000's, including recommended
inflation pressures.  I will adjust accordingly due to the heft of the V8.

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8 180,750 miles

PS - DO NOT use Repco/Axxis Metal Master brake pads for any track events or
any kind of spirited driving, especially on the front of the larger (read
5kt/200tq/V8/S4/S6) cars.  They heat up WAY too much and you WILL boil the
brake fluid or worse. I would suggest organic, carbon or other race pads.