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Need more light

In message <199708121341.HAA14797@rmi.net> Ralph Poplawsky writes:

> I'm sure this has bee thoroughly covered -- can someone point me to the
> right month in the archives??

Just about any month with an "r" in it.

> The lights on my '91 200Q stink and it is getting dark when I go to work at
> 5:30 AM.  I was using 80/100 bulbs which helped, but my headlamp connectors
> burned up.  I would like to find connectors which can 'take the heat' and I
> also want to install driving lights.  Any suggestions, or directions on
> where to look in the archives are appreciated.

Your lights stink because the reflectors stink.
Consensus is that there are two solutions:
a) Additional specialist driving lights - optimum, but non-stealth.
b) Euro conversion.  _MUCH_ better than DOT-approved lights, probably not
   as good as specialist driving lights.  High stealth factor.
Adding watts to DOT-approved lights is (I _think_ this was the final view) a
complete waste of time - it's likely to dazzle oncoming drivers, melt the
connectors (as you found) and probably doesn't actually improve your vision
because so much light is scattered.  

If you do the Euro conversion, you can also add the aftermarket harness from BR 
Motorsport (and others) and increae the wattage.  I'm currently running 2 x 
100 watt dipped, and 2 x 170 + 2 x 100 watt on main beam - because of the sharp 
Euro cut-off, this doesn't dazzle oncoming drivers.   

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club