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Mono jetronic problems.....

Dear people,

As a newbie on this mailing list I;d like to pop a question to y'all,
because the mechanics in the garage cannot help me with my problem.
This made me so frustrated that I decided to take the problem in my own hands.

This is what's happening:

The car I bought is a '90 Audi 80.  It has the Bosch mono jetronic EFI system
installed.  The problem is that every time the cooling fluid of the engine 
hits 90 degrees C (is 363 K) I start loosing power, the motor experiences
hick-ups, and in general does not run very smoothly.

This short description to the Audi mechanics has resulted in over $500 in 
repair bills, and still the problem is not solved.  So I started looking
in de manuals of fuel injection systems, and read some things about the 
mono jetronic system.  If I look at the problem, it seems to me that the NTC
which measures either engine temperature, or cooling fluid temperature
is broken, and feeding the ECU withj the wrong signal.  Or worse, the ECU
is broken and  ...

Can anyone please share his thoughts with me.  The garage has given me a "card 
blanche" and is willing to repair the car at no cost.  This time I want to 
instruct them a little.......

Thanx in advance,

Greetings,   Weynand
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