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What happening now? - Lastest installment

With appolgies to all song writers: 

The Ur quattro Blues.

Woke up this morning,
got out of bed,
went down to my Ur quattro,
its tornado red.
Started the engine,
no smoke and no steam,
wonderful performance,
it drives like a dream.

No kidding. This morning it started on all 5 cylinders on the first turn of 
the engine. There's been no mist or fog from the exhaust and most amazing of 
all, the power loss/misfire/whatever at 4000 rpm has disappeared too.
I really DO NOT understand this car.
Maybe it was teaching me to keep my mouth shut - about a week ago I told 
someone that since buying the car I'd had no real problems with it. 
Tempting fate I think, but I did knock on wood and throw salt over my 

I've just been outside to check now the engine is cool and in my 50 mile round 
trip to work it has used little or no water.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro  
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Subject: 	What happening now? - Part 3

In message <UPMAIL13.199708112111060179@msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> Any way, I've checked all the invoices, no head bolts there but things like
> head studs (12) etc.

Those are they.

> Lent out my compression tester so it will have to wait until tomorrow night.
> I'll see if I get all that smoke tomorrow morning. Exhaust doesnt seem to
> smell any different from usual.

Ethylene glycol has a very distinctive niff when burnt.  With that,
and your other post this evening, I begin to doubt an internal issue.

> Could it be that its leaking when the engine isnt running? 'cos last time I
> blew a head gasket I couldnt see the car (a Nissan Bluebird) for steam and
> smoke.

It happens, but the consequences are harder to detect.  Perhaps sticking
a light down the plug hole?

> I know that I've seen this in the archives somewhere, but could you send me
> the torque figures and tightening sequence - I may as well get my hands 
> and I'll know the job has been done correctly too.

No, you can't.  The sequence is 40Nm, 60Nm, and then 180 degrees.
The final torque that results from this is undocumented.

> Looks like this has put paid to a trip to the area E meeting on thursday, 
> not traveling that far in a Metro.

Well, if you bring it, we can dick around with it.

 Phil Payne
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