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Radar Jamming

Radio waves are actually not free - there are quite a few crimes you can
commit.  Unlicensed transmission, except on certain wavebands, is quite
definitely illegal and in some cases is arrestable.  This is a federal
case, wavebands are assigned by the FCC, and it has been supported by many
court cases.

When getting my pilot's license, I had to learn a lot of the radio
communication laws.  However, there are also other implications: you are
prevented from broadcasting high-powered signals on T.V. and commercial
radio bands, you may not cause RFI that is detectable in other households,

Even intercepting the signals is often illegal, as with cellular signals.
I don't think this has been taken to the S.C. yet though.

	'97 A4Q 2.8L

>From: "Sean Ford" <>
>Subject: Re: [Fwd: Radar Jamming Warning]
> You know, I hate to perpetuate a non-Audi related thread, but my
>understanding of the subject, and assuming that California is still in the
>union, is that radio waves are free by federal law. Is the problem here that
>sending radio waves in a particular band (K, Ka, X, etc.) is illegal? Never
>mind that I've read that jammers are bogus to begin with....

	Tony McNamara
	Development Manager, Applications Group