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Re: [Fwd: Radar Jamming Warning]

Sean Ford Said:

You know, I hate to perpetuate a non-Audi related thread, but my
understanding of the subject, and assuming that California is still in
union, is that radio waves are free by federal law. Is the problem here
sending radio waves in a particular band (K, Ka, X, etc.) is illegal?
mind that I've read that jammers are bogus to begin with....

There's this little govt. organization called the FCC that doesn't like
people broadcasting w/o being properly registered. You are free to
receive radio signals, not to send, excepting certain bands (for CB,
marine radio, ham, etc). 

The loophole is this - it is (was?) legal to broadcast even in strictly
governed bandwidths if you operate below a certain specific power
output. There were a couple of jammers on the market a while back that
worked at low power, below the governed levels (effectively, too, as
tested by C&D et al). This loophole was being investigated, and I don't
know if these specific jammers are still legal or on the market. They
only worked in X and K bands, not Ka. 

Laser jammers (bright lights, bright infra-red lights) are legal, as the
FCC does not regulate light waves/particles.

My knowledge is a couple years old on the radar - Any update on this


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