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First time poster

I have greatly enjoyed some of the technical help on the list.  I've had
my '94 S4 for just over a year.  Wow, I'll never buy anything but Audi.

Next week she's going in for tweeking.  Air filter, Bilstein/Eibach,
calipers, chips, and possibly new wheels.  I can hardly wait!

I was looking for some help with several interesting problems.

First, it's strange enough that unlike most cars I've owned (read rice
burners), the audio system stays powered without even a key in the
ignition.  Not really the problem however.  Does anyone know why the
antenna stays up while playing CD's and tapes?  

I know this may be trivial but I've seen more banal stuff on the list. 
I love to (read need to) wash my baby frequently.  The black finish
really shows the dirt and plently of bugs lately.  On the rare instance
when I take the car to the automatic car wash(G*D forbid), I can't
listen to anything while I'm riding through.

Now I'm pretty handy with the soldering tools(one year of college
engineering not completely wasteed).  Anyone have suggestions for
installing a relay or a simple cut off switch to lower the antenna.  If
you have a Bently with any more details than Mitchell's wiring diagram,
I might be able to figure it out.  Likewise with issue number 2.

Someone wrote recently they would like to retrofit their car with the
"parking mirror" feature.  I just love that.  I understand that the '95
S6 and maybe newer cars than mine have "auto-down" windows all around. 
Only my drivers window will do that.  I think they also have "auto-up"
as well.  Is there a way to convert my windows over, at least from the
drivers controls?  Again maybe more detailed wiring diagrams may be
helpful.  This leads to the next point.

Couldn't I have one switch, like many convertibles do, to open all the
windows in one touch of the button?  And likewise couldn't the remote be
wired into the "auto-up" feature?  Any help would be greatly

Lastly, my ac compressor makes a rattling noise.  One dealer I spoke to
said he thought the unit was going bad and it should be replaced.  Well
$1200 was a little more than I was ready to fork over for something he
thought might be going bad.  Another mechanic I spoke to told me that
the belt was the problem. He actually took care of libricating it while
he did my state emissions/inspection.  That lasted only a short time. 
Now the noise is back.  It seems most noticible when the compressor
first comes on.  Anyone experience similar problems?


Richard Browne
Bethlehem, PA