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Re: Once again

At 08:33 AM 8/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Thanks for your response. Seems to be a general consensus. I looked
>through the Haynes manual (useless) and could not find a multi-sensor
>anything. Is it known by another name or official part name/#?
>Also, on a late 86 5kcst where might one find this omnipotent device?
>Just FYI: Noticed the ac cycling high and low normally but can hear a
>switching noise going on somewhere in dash, seems to affect the temp
>gauge and how well it works, if at all. Coincidence?

Coincidence - the problem in the sensor is an intermittent open which is
normally due to bad solder joints. Yer high speed fan relay may pick up and
the resulting temp change may be enough to get it going.

Next time it don't work try smacking it with the wooden handle of a
screwdriver (don't beat it to death) - bet it wakes up for awhile!

Located under the head inlet for the upper radiator hose - big sucker, as
sensors go - with a big plug and rubber boot that love to fill with coolant
and short the whole thing out with a minor leak.

Official designation - multifunction sensor - do NOT buy it at the dealer.
Mail order, local foreign auto VW parts should run 38-60.00 Dealer runs
75-95.00.  # 369C (can't remember them first six digits, but they're all the
same for temp sensors...
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