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Audi Gathering: Aug 23rd, IOWA

Hello fellow listmembers,

I just wanted to take a moment to invite you to the 2nd annual AudiBahn
gathering.  The event will be held Saturday August 23rd in Mason City,
Iowa.  (Mason City is easy access from I-35...  2 hrs North of Des
Moines, 2 hrs south of Minneapolis).

We'll be grilling brats, burgers, and children (just kidding... no
burgers, er umm children I mean)  ;-)   The event will be held at Asbury
Park just off HWY 18 across the river from Mason City high school.  In
the event of rain the event will be held at my house (also near the high

I invite anyone that wishes to attend to drop me a line... I'll need to
know how many are coming in order to plan for the food etc.  I hope to
see some of you for the final summer bash!  ;-)



Mason City, IA