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Re: RE: Need more light

8/12/97 8:34 PM sargent@symposiafoundation.org

>I have Euros on my 91 200q.  There is a cheaper solution, though. Hella
>makes a smaller square light called (if memory serves) the Hella XL
>Auxiliary Headlight. It is neither a fog or driving, but a duplication
>of a standard low beam pattern. I have the Hella *driving* lights on my
>86 5ktq, and wish I had the auxiliary lights instead; they're a better
>all-around pattern for city/suburb conditions. Cost: around $80.

Let me through in my educated $.02....

The XL's are Okay, The Euro Lamps Are EXCELLENT.  I got rid of the XL's 
when I went to the Euro's because you could not see the xl's 
anymore......  And If people tell you otherwise, they have never run the 


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ with WAY too many toys
St. Louis, MO