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Re: Brighter lights for 200

BTDT, don't recommend it.  Their bulb sockets get consumed regularly.

I gave up and went back to stock and then added two 100 watt driving lights
and two 100 watt frog lights with appropriate relays, switches, etc., and am
a whole bunch happier.

At 11:48 PM 8/12/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Sorry about the delay, but you might try the following setup.   It will not
>only give you better lighting IMHO, but also save your headlight switch from
>burning up:
>Competition Limited in Michigan  313-464-1458.  Advertise in Autoweek et al.
> Got a harness, instructions and relays for ~ $130.00 (if memory serves me
>No affiliation, just a satified customer.
>-Ingo Rautenberg
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