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Re: S4 for Sale in Toronto -Reply

>>> R. Scheibe <scheibe@u.washington.edu> - 8/13/97 9:55 AM >>>

I just went through this process with the S4 that I bought in
Vancouver BC and sold here in Seattle.    I can tell you exactly what
to do to get it over.  

I don't have much time to give you all the details now on how I did
it, but I'll be glad to share with you what I know.  If you want to
call me, I can tell you in person easier than by email, because it is
more interactive.  
Rob Scheibe
(425) 868-8248 (hm)
(425) 883-0777 Ext 2245 (wk)
Redmond, Washington 

Let me be the first to offer you this out....
Better post your process to the group as a whole...we wouldn't want
you to get phone calls late at night fo the next couple of weeks from
curious US listers ;-)
Just opened up a BIGGER CAN OF WORMS than you could have expected
with this post ;-)

Derek D
86 VW Qtm Syncro
85(+?) urQ 
92 Pst Syncro G60
90-94 S4?
>From our neghbors up north