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Re: UrQ Radiator Replacement

Thanks Mike. I believe the 4000/Coupe radiators are missing
the connections to the aux. radiator located on the upper left
hand side of the UrQ radiator.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.

>>> "mike@genesis-microchip.on.ca" 08/13/97 03:48pm

     Unless the end tanks are badly rusted or damaged you
should be able to 
     find a place to rebuild your rad. I did the aux rad on my
ur-q and it 
     cost $170 CDN versus $450 for a new one. I will be
re-coring the main 
     one soon.
     The Sportwheels rads sound awesome and the high price
is slightly 
     offset by the need for only one rad and the likelyhood you
will never 
     have to replace it. I'd seriously consider the Sportwheels
rad if 
     money allows? Last months (August?) edition of
Audi/VW did a nice 
     photo spread on replacing both ur-q rads.
     Does anyone know if the ur-q has the same rad as the
4kq or the coupe?
     Regards, Mike