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Need more light

I've got some questions on this subject, too.

1. Where do you mount the Hella XLs?  My 87 5KCS came with Bosch fogs
mounted under the bumper.  I have lots of trouble with breaking the
plastic housings due to the low ground clearance and wonder if the
Hellas would have similar problems. 

2.  Do you have any problem with exploding bulbs with the high power
bulbs in the euro lights?  I've had two 100/80 9004 bulbs explode in my
US lights and they fogged up the lense and reflectors something fierce.
A few weeks ago I had both lights burn out on a trip into the mountains
and one exploded and fogged a nearly new light assembly so bad it is
ruined.  No I didn't touch them and they are wired in with relays and 10
guage wire.  Are the high power H4s used in the Euros more rugged than
the "illegal" 9004s?

3.  What became of the filament orientation argument?  I didn't find a
resolution of this in my search of the archives.  I saw good reports of
converted 9007s from a couple of guys and also saw reports of endwise
filament 9004s but have found no source for them.  I'm about to try
9007s, should I?

Enough bandwidth burning on an old subject.

If you don't care where you are, you ain't lost.