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Re: Please advise on V8 purchase

Rick H. Louie wrote:

> When I asked my mechanic recently about the V8 model, he said stay
> away.
> When the V8 first came out, mechanics needed to buy $8k worth of
> special
> tools to work on the cars.  Most mechanics could not afford them or
> want
> to buy them.  So, you will find that most franchise type places and
> even
> private mechanics will steer away from working on the infamous auto
> transmission on the V8.
> According to my mechanic, the auto transmission will most likely go
> out
> and have to be rebuilt, around 100K, and the dealer cost on that is
> $10-12K. You can probably find a private shop to do it for around $3K.
> The other thing is that the car is slow off the line.
> This may not be the case in all the V8's and some listers can probably
> say otherwise.  It is just one of the cars I will stay away from.

I have not had any problems finding others, besides my dealer, to work
on the car.
Also, I have 120k on the clock and the tranny is fine!  I think the
infamous tranny stories are just because when one does go out it is not
cheap, not that they are flimsy trannies.  Others will chime in on this
I am sure.


Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri