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Re: What happening now? - The Answer

Phil wrote:

>OK - I'm game.  We'll need a new gasket, a set of head bolts, an engine lift
>(the head with manifolds attached is ****ing heavy, and a garage.  My
>preference is to put the car on ramps to start with.

To which I say:

The quality of the individual on this list never ceases to amaze. I am
close to an all time low when it comes to humanity. To make a long
story short I live in a lake community. The president of the board
made a unilateral decision to kill 80+ ducks and geese that were
permanent residents. The primary reason given, "...many, many
complaints of duck and goose crap on the beaches". My wife and I are
on a mission.

Sorry for the bandwidth.


Thanks for the re-affirmation that there _are_ good humans.

Mark Pollan