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Re: Ignition Wire Loom

At 07:23 PM 8/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>As always, thanks!
>Hey couple of other things which you could probably recite in your
>1)  Injector cooling Fan:  Ground the thermoswitch.  No run.  Rap the
>                           blower motor, run.  Futz with the connector
>                           at the fan, run.  Probably dirty connectors?
>                           Possibly thermoswitch?

Bad thermoswitch (probable) and worn/dirty brushes in the motor.

>2)  Auxiliary Water Pump:  Close loop at thermoswitch, fan kicks on,
>                           pump seems dead.  Disconnect at pump, no
>                           change in the vibration of the pump.  Should
>                           I put 12V on one pin and ground the other for 
>                           definitive check of pump?  The after run
>                           works fine for the rad fan so can I assume the
>                           relay is O.K.?

Put 12 volts directly to pump. If it runs, yer out 116.00 for the relay - it
controls both seperately. If it don't run, yer out 135.00 for the pump and
maybe still another 116.00 for the relay. I bought a used one from Shokan
fer 50.00 - had to send the 1st one back - it was bad too...

>P.S.  While noodiling with the thermoswitch at the coolant flange I
>noticed some Antifreeze seeping from around the pressure fitting for
>the hose to cool the turbo.  I'm going to replace mine.  Might want
>to check yours.

One of the 1st things I did, before I found the list - the factory upgrade
to that problem is a  4" long molded 45 degree angle hose that the dealer
sold me fer 24.00 with the story it was different sized at each end - I
still have the receipt to remind me just how much of an ass he is.
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