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Advice on 200 Wagon.

I am planning to buy a 1990 200 Wagon (I guess 200 always refers to TQ)

I have the following concerns/questions

1.  The speedometer needle seems to shake and is not steady.  Is this a
warning that the speedo
might fail ?  What would it cost to fix.

2.  What is a good price for a 1990 Audi 200 wagon with 115K miles on it
?  It seems to be in good
shape.  I have owned my 1990 Audi 100 for years and so I am quite
familiar with this car.

3.  Do all the wagons have the self leveling rear suspensions ?  Are
they a problem ?

4.  What should the normal boost on this car be ?

Please email me directly also as I plan on making an offer tommorrow.  I
am going to get the 
TB/pump replaced immediately.  Anything else besides the usual
filters/sparks etc ?