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Re: brake warning light worry?

ZZracing@aol.com wrote:

> Problem: my 90 20V Q brake warning light briefly flashes when the car
> is at
> idle and I touch the brake.  Also, on very heavy breaking from high
> speed,
> the light flashes briefly as well, but does not stay on during the
> rest of
> the braking period.  Brakes have been recently bled (and, again,
> today), and
> are firm and effective;  hydraulic fluid changed one week ago.
> What is the problem?  Is this a warning of some impending disaster, or
> what?
> I'm going to Lime Rock on August 17th - 19th, so lister assistance
> will be
> very much appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Dave Zube, Vestal, NY
> 1990 9020VQ

Looks like it's time to replace the brake pressure accumulater, AKA the
bomb.If you pump the brakes and the light flashs it's gone bad.
It cost me $400 to replace the one in my Coupe.

1990 Coupe

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