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Re: Colorado Radar

At 02:24 PM 8/13/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I was just wondering what bands of radar are most commonly used in CO, 
>and if lidar (laser) detection is prevalent or even present at all.  
>Thanx for all your help in advance, Jason.


It turns out that CSP uses mostly VASCAR on the interstates.  This is where
the cop sits on the on ramp where you can't see him and times you between
two points a known distance apart.  That distance is stored in a processor
which reads out your speed -- hard to beat.  Look over your right shoulder
whenever you go under a bridge.  City and county cops still use a lot of X
band.  CSP uses regular K band and instant-on Ka in the mountains and on
other two lanes.  I just encountered my first LIDAR in Golden, but I think
it didn't work since the two guys ahead of me cruised through at 20 over and
weren't bothered.  hope that helps.

p.s. they usually ignore Audis (required Audi content)

Ralph Poplawsky
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