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Aux air regulator hose collapse 4kq

Ok, here's what I think is a weird one. Maybe it's not and I'm just a
newbie, but here goes:
   A year ago or so, my '86 4kq started idling very erratically. I found
a crack in the hose from the intake manifold to the aux. air regulator
(it also "t's" off to something else). Got a new one. Installed it. It
lasted maybe a week. Got another new one and put it in. Started the car
and I could see the hose collapsing under the vacuum. It failed about a
week later. No sense in getting another one. I cut a small piece of 1/2
inch copper tubing and put it inside the hose right where the crack
was/is (just before the elbow at the manifold). I put a hose clamp on
the outside and it has been fine since. I'm wondering if I have too much
vacuum in the system, or if I just got hold of some bad hoses.
'91 200 tq
'86 4kq
'84 4k