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Re: Attention UrQ owners (temperature gauge)


this has got me a little puzzled.  my old mb had a temp gauge and no speedo
cable (it was electrical to a odomoter stepper motor).  have you got the
analogue dash model or something???

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Thu, 14 Aug 97 02:18:12 UT
>From: "ANDREW FINNEY" <DFINNEY@msn.com>
>I found a much needed modification to the UrQ that is easy to do and well 
>worth the effort. All the long-timers will prolly laugh and say, rookie, but 
>it took me a while to track down the diagrams and parts. As UrQ owners know, 
>there's no temp gage. Well, time to add one. All you need is the temp gage 
>sender from a 1984 Coupe and the gage from any 4000 series.