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4kq - inner CV Joint

	I just pulled my Front Left axle on my 84' 4000q to replace the outer CV Boot which was pretty cracked.  I replaced the boot and put in new grease and inspected the joint, all appeared OK, and since I had the axle out already I decided to go ahead and do the inner joint too.  I had no problems untill I was an Idiot and dissassembled it without looking at which way the inner race was facing.  One side is flat with a round groove around the hole.  The other side has the center section stepped out a little.  It seems to me that the grooved side, which also has a chamfer on the splines on the inside where it fits over the axle, should fit twards the center of the axle and up against the dished washer; and that the stepped side should fit up against the snap ring on the tranny side of the joint.  But I am not sure and the Bently manual is not much help.  
	I have tried it both ways but either way it seems it wont fit quite far enough on to get the snap ring to fit into its groove.  I am like a nanometer from getting it.  I can see about 1/2 of the groove but not quite enough for a fit.  What is my problem.  The washer is angled in towards the tranny like the Bently clearly shows.  Why wont it fit.  I tried a rubber mallet first, and then I tried a copper rod on the inner race to push it in but it just wont go.
	Please, if anyone knows which way it fits for sure, please let me know.  Any suggestions for getting it on would be nice to.
	Also, If I lock up the center diff, is there a safety hazard driving without the axle installed for a day or two untill I can get this figured out.  It seems to me if I drove normal and not fast or anything, it wouldn't harm anything.  I know it it ok to drive without the center axle that goes from tranny back but not the front side ones.  It seems to me the weight difference would be the only major difference.  Like driveing with a space saving spare on the front of something :)

	Thanks in advance.  I'm in a jam.
		Todd Phenneger