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Funny accleration?

Well, I don't know if this is something wierd or just something

I drive a 1990 Model 100 (basic - no quattro), with 132,000 miles on it.

Lately, when I merge onto the freeway, getting to 50-60 mph from
around 20mph, it seems that the acceleration has started
behaving very strangely.

As soon as I reach my desired speed, I start letting up on the
accelerator, but as much as I let up, the car still keeps on

The only way to stop the acceleration is if I completely let up
on the accelerator pedal. And then the car stops accelerating,
and then I can depress the pedal again to keep the car running
at a constant speed.

I don't think I needed to do all that a month or so ago, and it is
hard to explain all this to a mechanic, so before I have
them look at it, does anyone have any thoughts on if this is a real
problem or just the way things are and I just never noticed it before?

I do drive a lot of rental cars, don't think they behave this way,
so am wondering if I should have a mechanic have a look at this.

Thanks for any info!

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