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Re: A4 V6 manual rpms @ 80mph

In a message dated 8/13/97 Ti Kan writes:

<<Despite its great power potential of the 1.8T, turbo and all, a four is a
four and lacks the suaveness of the V6...>>

And the I5 2.2t for that matter....which is why I feel that Audi made a HUGE
marketing mistake deciding not to continue developing that motor for export
to North America. I feel that Audi does loose some sales to ovlov over this
but maybe they don't care what with the success of the A4. I do notice they
are drastically slashing prices on '97 A6 quattros in my area though. While
the A4 1.8tq is undoubtably a very nice car, think about what it *could* be
like with a I5 20v turbo motor instead of a 4 (yes, albeit a very nice
high-tech 4...) No offense intended to A4 owners...just my perception. And
who knows...someday when they are older and depreceated I may buy one cuz I
do like them very much, but can't justify the cost with the plethora of cool
used q's to be had for cheap.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (had for cheap...now let's see how cheap to keep! Cringe)
85 4ksq (is cheap to keep and for sale...)