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Re: 1.8ltr A4 question...

> Hi all, it's been a while since I've been in here. Nice to be back...

> Anyway, I have a friend who is new car hunting and has narrowed the search
> down to the 1.8 A4Q and Subaru Outback <Yeck!>. Supposedly one of the knocks
> on the 1.8 is overheating ?  I've never heard nor read anything regarding
> the 1.8 and overheating before this.   

News to me and I have a 1.8TQ AT.  Took it to the NW Quattro Club track day
at Bremerton last week and didn't see any problems.  Coolant temp guage
stayed right in the middle where it always does.  Oil temp did rise
a little.

I was expecting to be slow... car is unmodified with the stock 195/65
Goodyear LS tires, but I was pleasantly surprised, especially with the