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Re: 5KCSTQ 1.8T?

In a message dated 97-08-14 13:22:17 EDT, you write:

<< Hmmmm, I think they were long overdue in canning the I-5.  It was a dumb
design in the first place, but it was advanced enough to work for them in the
early '80s.  In 1997, the I-5 is hopelessly outclassed by all the multi-valve
V6s and V8s on the market.>>

Farbeit for me to argue with Graydon on this point as he is far more of an
expert than I. I guess mine is more of a traditionalist viewpoint. While
Graydon's points are all well taken and factual, I would like to point out
though that the points he makes also apply and have been used for years
towards another German design for which I hold some passion...one that "was
dumb in the first place" and is "hopelessly outclassed" yet has lived on to
be the longest lasting production sports car model series in automotive
history. (Not to meantion the most successful sportscar racing platform in
motorsports history.) I enjoy the way the I5 turbo motors perform and
sound...much like I enjoy the screeming banshee noises that flat 6 I alluded
to makes-both are very fun. While there are certainly better and more
technologically advanced alternatives to both...they both represent excellent
and durable designs, they are fun to hear, and they do work well in their
respective applications. I guess I am missing something here because I never
regarded the I5 as a bad idea or poor design-but I am no expert, just an end
user so to speak. By all measures of engine design (that I do know of) it
isn't all that bad...makes good efficient power for its displacement and
lasts a long time. Of course none of this makes me want an A4 1.8tq any less
someday...when they are 8 or 10k on the used market in about 5 or 6 years
time ;-) I just am lamenting that Audi has deviated from what I perceived as
being a turbo quattro for many years now...I'll get over it, and for now will
enjoy my hopelessly outclassed 5ktq for what it is and what it offers me.

<<I was thinking how nice the 5000 CS TQ would be with the 2.8 V6 NA>>

They make one today, called an A6. Not very successful compared to the A4 if
you look at the discounts dealers are giving right now. When the '91 200q was
new, and when S4 and S6 cars were new, while they were imported to the US in
much more limited numbers, they sold out far before the end of the model year
without the help of $5-7k rebates). Admittedly AOA missed the mark on US
A6q's (I think) by not offering a hot motor with manual gearbox version. I
owned an '87 5ktqwagon when the (then 100CS now A6) replacement for that car
came out, drove one, and was VERY disapointed and wasn't about to give up my
5ktq for one. I guess I'm just getting retro in my years...

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (no toys yet either :-(...)
85 4ksq (for sale cuz I only have time for one of these things :-(...)