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Re: ABS Screwed?

Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> Hairy green toads from Mars made Sean Douglas say:
> > Every morning when I back out of my garage, I get this humming sound for
> > about 2 seconds and the pedal goes soft, and it feels like the ABS is
> > interfering. It also happens very rarely in traffic when coasting slowly
> > up to a stop sign or light.
> Sounds like a dead/dying ABS sensor or loose/cracked wire
> to one of the sensors.

I'm not so sure. I believe that the ABS does a self-test the first time
your speed exceeds ~5 MPH after a power cycle.

I've also seen the occasional "reset" occur once I move off following
a hard stop (though not hard enough to engage ABS). Dunno why it does
this though.

All of this on a '93 90... FWIW