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RE: Back - with a Blower Problem

Welcome back. Sounds like mebbe the motor isn't getting enough jolts. Is
the alt working correctly? Dirty alt brushes? Voltage reg crapping out?
BTW, ec had a good article on upgrading the voltage reg on a ovloV with
similar alt to ours. Engine slows down, jolts go down, blower motor
slows down, Al is unable to maintain his cool. Try checking your voltage
gauge or ch 11 on the A/C diags? HTH.
-Ian Duff
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	Well friends, I've returned from my round of meetings, dad's
	celebration, moving to a new home and 2300 mile driving vacation
	ALL in the month of July!  Now I'm back at work - and can slow
down a 

	A question - the blower in our 1990 200 is slowing down (mostly
	braking) and speeding up (mostly on acceleration).  Sometimes it

	doesn't want to work at all.  Is this typical of a blower motor
	to go out??????


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