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Re: 5KCSTQ 1.8T?

I bought Audis specifically because of its unique I-5 engine.  I find them
very easy to work on with pretty much everything accessable.  Needless to
say I am disappointed that Audi has not developed this engine further as it
is part of their heritage.  Japanese engines routinely get anywhere from
120-175HP from FOUR cylinder engines with NO turbos.  It seems to me high
costs of further developing this engine seem overblown in lieu of its
longevity.  Hondas have variable intake timing, adjustable cam timing and
other modern technology gizmos to squeeze every inch of power out of their
engines reliably.

Just how much power would a 2.5l, 5 cylinder, 25 valve, with a 9.5 to 1
compression ratio have?

Another rant: the trend to cover up entire engine compartments with plastic
covers.  Maybe the German manufactorers don't want you touching THEIR
engines.  You'll need a factory mechanic @ $85+ /hr. :-0 just to take the
covers off!

Tony Lum
Fremont, California U.S.A

Audi Owner/Operator/Mechanic by Necessity ;-)

1987 5000S Turbo Quattro
1985 4000CS Quattro
1980 5000S Sedan