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Brake lines and TWS event

Does anybody happen to know what size hoses and the type of fittings are
used on the brakelines for an '90 Coupe Quattro?  

The Air Force recently taught me how to repair battle damaged aircraft
which includes fabricating hydralic lines.  I figured I would put it to
good use by making up some braided brake lines.

Also, the TWS event was my first driver school and I will have to agree
with Eric, Luis, and Jason that it was a blast.  It was also nice to see
an entire garage filled with Audis (at least once we kicked out that
M3).  One thing I found out is that my cheap brake bads didn't hold up
very well once they got hot.  I will definitelly have to upgrade before
the next one.

I haven't gotten all the pictures back but if anybody is interested in
scanning them for a web page, send me an email and I will get you a


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