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many issues-- coupe versus 90s

Hello, all, I miss you; I haven't been subscribed for what seems like 
ages. A few things:

1. When UPS delivers the parts, I will be installing a new OXS (on my 86 
5k no T no q). How do I adjust the fuel/air-- can't seem to find it in 
the book. Have Bentley and Haynes, can borrow dwell meter, but clueless 
from there. Don't even know where the adjustment is. Can't find that 
either. The book of Bentley is not perfect. Help.

2. My mechanic (honest, and fairly competent) will be putting in new 
lifters. He wants to borrow my books. Any sticking points that I should 
remind him of? Again, the Bentley is painfully inadequate...

3. The old ball and chain (girlfriend) will be choosing between three 
Audi options. I talked her out of the Honda and the Saab convertible, 
thank God.  Anyway, She is torn between buying a 1990 coupe with 50,000 
miles now for 10 grand, a 1993 90s (no quattro)  in 6 months for 17 
grand, and a 95 A4 for whatever it costs in about a year. I don't know 
that she is concerned about costs or monthly payments, per se, but more 
about value. I lean toward the coupe because it is the sharpest car, 
IMHO, that Audi has ever produced. Aesthetically, that is... But I want 
your input-- I will be test driving the coupe soon... hope to talk the 
guy down some...

4. When I am coasting at about 40 MPH my RPMs wander from about 1200 to 
1600. Where do I start looking to solve this?

5. What ever happened to those nifty decals I was promised?

6. Which is faster, an S4 or a V8? Which can be made faster?

7. Synth or Dino?

8. What does the VW 2079 do? Do I really need it? How does torque 

Please help-- and I hope to resub soon.

Good luck, and may your lifters never rattle--

Ted Harlan

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