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Urq Gear Selection Problems

Dear Quattro Brains Trust:

I have had difficulty engaging 5th gear for some time now.  I had the
gearbox mounts changed which improved nothing, and the engine mounts were
done about 15 months ago.  More recently reverse, not surprisingly has also
become a problem.  I removed the console, to facilitate looking for my
still elusive turn signal problem, and checked the alignment of the holes
on the shifter plate and tried to look at the linkage where it enters the
box and all looked OK (to my unschooled eyes).

The gearbox has been fine most of the time.  This morning, however, on the
interstate I went to engage 5th only to have the revs jump and find myself
in 3rd.  Selected 4th again and continued.  Two or three stoplights after
the highway I suddenly seem to be only able to get 3rd and 4th, and they
are all over the place.  Not fun in morning traffic!

I guess that this is a selector linkage problem?  The question is, do I
have any chance of fixing it myself, or do I cut my losses and get the
professionals in immediately?

I would really value your input.

Thanks in advance.

John C. (83 Urq)