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I5, V6

>the other strong attribute of the 5 was its toughness and ability to take
>obscene amounts of boost.  my guess is that the V6 is not as tough, but
>hopefully it's got a long development life ahead of it.  

I hope so, maybe I can get some new toys then!  Methinks the engine is
tough enough to take a little boost if it's given, but the compression
ratio is too high, so you'd need to do a little bit of piston work.

> I have an article
>somewhere talking about how proud audi engineers are about how *light* the
>cast iron block is..  

?????  Light compared to what?

>somehow i don't think that a very light block is
>going to be a very tough one.  have they licked the oil seal problem yet?

Supposedly they have it licked, but we'll see.

Here's my (obscenely expensive/unrealistic) goal:  If they can pull
300HP out of the 1.8, that's about 167HP/liter; if I could pull that on
the V6, I'd have one bitchin' 467HP!!!  Cooooool....

oh well, maybe someday when I win the lottery......