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From Audi to SUV

Yes indeed, I knew the day would come.  The 1990 80Q that I owned and
drove from day one and 13 miles on the odo is gone.  122k miles later
the car was really starting to add up with repair costs, but more than
that was way too small.

I looked at the new A4's, used wagons and a new A6QW.  I was really
close to signing the papers on a 1998 A6QW, but after driving it and
much thought I just could not justify paying 40 large for a car that
makes 172hp at that weight.

I need the space and AWD or 4WD, so I went with a brand new SUV.  I
never thought I would be buying a truck, but oh well.  The new S6 will
be out in two years anyway.

I have sold the Bentleys and the car, but will stay on the list for
awhile more.  Thanks to everyone here for a great four years on the
Qlist, I have made countless friends and saved time and money in
immeasureable amounts.  Good luck to all of you and when I see you on
the road, flash your brights.

fOrMeR qCuSa #00356
'98 GMC Jimmy SLT 4dr4X4