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84 stock urq for sale (Boston Globe)

     FYI no affiliation, etc. etc.  Now that I'm not interested, I'll post 
     to group.
     84 Audi turbo quattro coupe (Globe ad says 14k miles, but it's really 
     114k, sigh).  White w/black leather. $9,500.  good condition.
     days: 508 263-0467  eves: 508 263-1070
     Spoke with owner:
     body true, no dents
     dash in good shape
     daily driver in New England since 88 (second owner)
     repainted (due to being old and somewhat faded)
     some rust starting to show around front wheel wells
     some brown hide color starting to show on leather where driver gets in
         and out
     only non-stock item is "European Hella lights", which closer inquiry
         reveals to be standard Audi lights shipped on some 4000 models.
     timing belt and water pump replaced last April
     newish alternator and clutch
     new control-arm bushings in Sep 95, other bushings original
     he just bought an S4
     Jack Rich