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A6 AC - quits until restart, anyone know why?

I have an 95 A6. This summar I just found an interesting bug in the AC.

If I have the AC on, and do a hard accellaration, the AC will stop
working. Channel 52
will display "Engine Management System".

I am not sure if I can reproduce this every time, but it has happened 3
times so far. Oh, it
all happened near my wife's work place, so may be there's something in
her building...

The AC will work again if I shut down and restart the car.

Bentley says this shutdown only lasts 12 seconds, yet mine shuts down
for good until
I restart. 

Anyone else with similar car notice this? I am sending it in to the
dealer but wants to check
with you guys first. 

BTW, for the SF Bay Area folks, which is the better dealer for
servicing? Carlson is closer
to work, but I bought from Anderson Behel.