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'85 5KT oil leak problems ...

Fellow listers,
		Some of you may remember my post earlier this
	week about an oil leak that started on my '85 5KT (147K)
	after I fixed a vacuum leak.  Scott Mockry had many
	suggestions which have helped narrow things down a
	bit, but the leak continues.  I decided to post once
	more, just in case anyone else has encountered this
	problem. So ....If you'd like to help protect a 
	fellow Audi-nut from wifely ire, read on ...

	Engine: KH (non W/C turbo, almost identical to MC).
	Capsule summary:

		1. Long-standing vacuum leak was causing
	gauge to read no less than 0.8 bar and no more than 1.2.

		2. Found rotten hose connecting manifold to ECU,
	replaced it. Engine suddenly very happy, boosts upto
	1.5 and into fuel cutoff. Owner even happier.

		3. Return from somewhat spirited drive to
	find pool of oil collecting under the car.  Major leak
	from oil pan gasket.

		4. Replaced gasket, leak remains, but less severe.

		5. Tried all the following, without success:
			-Disconnected ECU vacuum hose.
			-Checked for crankcase breather hose
			blockage (clean).
			-Performed dipstick and filler cap tests --
			engine stalled in both cases.


	TIA ..


Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 620-3526