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5ktq tahrs

Well folks, what's the collective wisdom for best tahr choices for a 5ktq
these days? I will only be traveling in snow once a year to take the kids to
play so all season handling isn't a prime considoration. I have the 7x15
Fuchs wheels...can I go any bigger than 205/60/15? I'm leaning towards
SP4000's, D40 M2's, or RE71's. I am not much of a Dunlop fan but the raves
and reviews are hard to ignore. Anyone running D60 A2's on a big q? Like 'em?
Send me your comments via private e-mail unless you really think the list
needs to hear your replies. TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (needs tahrs, shocks, and alignment)
85 4kq (needs a new owner)