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Re: UK trip.

Dear Igor,

It's all lies, the M25 is horrendous. This happened, not on the M25 but not
too far away, the other day. A Subaru 2l turbo thingy came onto the M4 at
junction 4 indicated right and pulled accross all lanes until he was in the
right hand lane. This was done closely in front of cars in all lanes. The
right hand lane was full of traffic, UK drivers would probably guess that
the other two lanes were virtually empty except for the traffic the Subaru
carved up. It took all my self control not to undertake him as fast as I could. 

The ONLY consolation for a nearly daily trip down the M25 is the slip road
off the M25 onto the A30 near Egham, this 360 degree tightening left hander
is absolutely the best laugh you can have with ginger (nervous, not
folically speaking) drivers. The reps are the best, I try and go into the
bend around 65 mph and allow the turn to scrub off speed as I get round it,
this scares people in nice fast cars as my beat up 80 whips around them,
where do I sign up for autocrossing then Mr. Goggin?

For anyone who has forgotten there is a very funny list of hideosly
thoughtless driving manouvers at the following site,


I agree with the rest of it though, nice people (though they still look at
me funnily where I live when I say good morning to strangers, why do people
nowadays not like meeting new people, it must be a southern thing, Mr.
Haseltine could probably support me and say that in the north people don't
mind as much when you say hello to them.) damn good beer, fine countryside
and cool narrow country roads. Glad you left with a good impression (though
I'd like to know how you think the average M25 driver is a paragon of virtue
as far as lane discipline is concerned), we like it too.