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Laughing through my tears: sold the Audi

Well gang,

I sold the my beautiful pearlescent Audi 5000CS turbo quattro today to a
guy from LaCrosse, WI for $6,800.  He got a good deal, and I got a fair
price considering it had several problems that needed to be worked out
and I did not want to drive 15 hours back to South Carolina with no AC! 

But, I will be sad to see it go....his brother is picking it up tonight!
 But, it had to go.  It has been a huge financial strain on me over the
last year and being a college student, it has been tough.  Plus, right
now I just need to concentrate on my grades and getting out of school. 
Then, I can afford to get another quattro.  But right now I just need
something to get me around.

Now I am am going to start saving up my pennies for a 20V!!!!!  ;^)

Well, I also wanted to let everyone know that I will no longer be at
this address as I am returning to school Monday and so if anyone wants
to send me a message, you can send it to my address at school.  Here it


Thanks again for your support and yes I will still be frequenting the
quattro list to help out other Audi owners in distress when I can.

...currently Audi-less!