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Re: Radar/Laser Cloaking Device for Audis

These things are all a crock, two other devices that I have read about 
from Rocky Mountain Industries actually _increased_ the range of radar 
guns.  That means they can bust you from farther away, all the time you 
are thinking how safe you are.  These devices are only intended to give 
you more time to react, and at a certain proximity to a police car, an 
accurate measurement will be taken.  If I am wrong here don't hesitate to 
let me hear it ;o)  

Later, Jason.

>Recent threads alluded to devices that scramble police radar and laser
>signals. The thread was less than specific as I remember, about details of
>how they worked. I am posting the following only to supply the details of
>the ad, and to provide opportunities for additional debunking. I have no
>personal knowledge of the unit, and can't even imagine risking my money on
>such a device.
> About 30 minutes ago, I reviewed a currently running ad in a national
>monthly recreational vehicle magazine. The scrambling device is apparently
>made by Rocky Mountain Industries. They call it the Phazer. It is available
>from  Comtrad Industries, and you can call them at 800-992-2966, mentioning
>promotion code 1904-1199. Unit sells for $199 plus $14 S&H.
>Ad sez it is illegal in OK, MN, and Washington DC, and legal in all other
>Offers free trial, 3 yr mfg. warranty, money back if returned for any
>reason within 90 days. They guarantee to pay your speeding fine if you get
>a ticket within the first year while using the product.
>How do they say it works? "The Phazer...reflects a portion of the (police)
>signal plus an added FM signal...This in effect , gives the waiting radar
>unit an electronic 'lobotomy.' " (Advertiser's words.)
>Then they go on to say that police radar takes 5 to 10 measurements of a
>vehicle's speed in about one second. The Phazer sends one signal that tells
>the radar the (speeder) is going 15 mph and another signal that the
>(speeder) is going 312 mph. Because police radar can't verify the speed, it
>displays no speed at all. (italics) To the radar gun, your (vehicle) isn't
>even on the road.
>Then the ad describes how the laser scrambler works. ....uses  light
>emitting diodes to fire invisible infrared pulses through the windshield.
>Laser guns interpret these pulses as a false indication of the (vehicles)
>distance, blocking measurements of your speed. (italics) Again, it's as if
>your (vehicle) isn't even on the road.
>"......begins to scramble both radar and laser signals as far as three
>miles away...."
>".....its range of effectiveness extends to almost 100 feet away from the
>police car, at which point you should be able to make visual contact and
>reduce your speed accordingly."
>They are selling the idea that radar and laser gun screens remain blank
>when encountering these scrambler signals. That is the impression I got
>from reading the ad.
>If anybody tried these things, or has experience with the 90 day trial or
>the 3 year warranty, or the "pay your fine" rebate, we would be happy to
>hear about it. My estimate is that no one on the list ever received any of
>these benefits.
>Maybe the police officers on the list will risk a few comments. I'd be real
>interested. Personal or public replies appreciated.
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